Instructions Following Sedation Dentistry

  • A responsible adult must accompany the patient home. Sensory imbalance should be expected following the dental office sedation, and the patient must be supported while ambulatory.
  • Following dental office dismissal, mild sleepiness may persist for several hours, and the patient should be encouraged to rest.
  • The patient should be cautioned against sitting up or standing suddenly after a rest period at home, as this may lead to transient dizzy spells.
  • The patient is not to engage in any activity that requires sensory or motor coordination for 24 hours following the dental appointment. Driving a car, operating power tools, or making important decisions are not to be done during this period.
  • The patient should not indulge in any alcoholic beverages for 24 hours following the dental appointment.
  • If needle puncture site remains painful, apply moist heat to the site.
  • Nausea may develop if patient is ambulatory too soon or frequently. Encourage patient to rest quietly in bed.
  • Take postoperative medications as instructed.
  • Any unusual event such as pain or swelling at needle puncture site, any rash, prolonged sleeping, fainting episodes, or marked vomiting should be reported.