Tooth Sealants Loveland Co

Dental caries (decay) is the most widespread dental disease among children. No matter how well or how often a child brushes, some grooves and fissured areas on the teeth can be too small for even a single toothbrush bristle to reach. As a preventative measure, our dentists can flow a sealant material into these pits and fissures to help reduce the incidence of decay. Tooth Sealants are quick to apply, painless, and one of the best investments a parent can make for the long-term dental health of their child.

A tooth sealant is essentially a flowable plastic/resin material which settles into the tiny fissures and pits of a tooth, where cavities frequently arise. After the tooth is polished thoroughly, and the surface etched with a mild solution for adherence purposes, the tooth sealant material is allowed to flow into the grooves of the tooth. The sealant material is then light-cured until it becomes solid.

Although tooth sealants are incredibly durable, occasionally they must be reapplied. It is important for a child to avoid hard and sticky foods, and maintain regular checkups so the dental team can properly evaluate the status of your childs sealants.